Children & Families

Sometimes parents need support in helping or supporting their children through difficult times or find that their child is becoming more and more challenging and need to  find ways of being more confident in their parenting skills.

We can offer a range of programmes to suit the family.

Individual work with children and adolescents

One of our specialist areas and interests is child and adolescent mental health.  This ranges from individual work with children/adolescents or working with a child/adolescent and a parent/carer.

Children can struggle with many issues in life including death of a significant adult, sibling or friend, separation or divorce, bullying, anxieties/fears and phobias and trauma.  Children, however, also have the resilience to get back on track quite quickly and therefore it is always best to seek advice and help as soon as you feel your child is not coping in life as well as they might.  This might manifest as low mood, sleep difficulties, social withdrawal, excessively clingy, tearful, tantrums regression in their development or being fearful and avoiding certain situations.  We can offer after school appointments in order to avoid a child or young person missing valuable time off school as well as accommodaing parents working hours.

Individual parenting programme

Many parents find that they are using strategies but nothing seems to be working. We are able to offer a client led service using a combination of techniques to help the parent and child interaction and improve behaviour.


Wendy Jealous is trained to level 1 in Theraplay and uses techniques from this approach in her work with children and parents who need help in repairing relationships.  This approach is also used when working with children who have been adopted or are in foster care.