Individual Therapy

“Clients have all the resources they need to solve their problem; it is the function of the therapist to utilise the client’s potential, not to provide the answer.”
– Trevor Silvester 2006

Life is at times stressful and full of uncertainty more so now than before with the rise in unemployment, redundancy, divorce and separation and the fast pace which most of us are expected to live our lives. It is little wonder therefore, that at times things become too over whelming and our emotional health suffers.

All the therapists at Futureminds are qualified to work with a range of ‘mental’ health difficulties. We believe that people can become emotionally healthy and develop strategies to remain that way in a relatively short amount of time. Strategies learnt during sessions will enable you to cope with other difficult situations in the future and does not necessarily involve looking at the past.

Relaxation plays a very important role in finding solutions and in managing the stress that is an inevitable part of life. At Futureminds we explain in more detail the link between relaxation and emotional well being and offer simple strategies that can be used immediately for change to begin therefore “making a difference today”.

Therapy is rarely offered on a weekly basis as we feel that change needs time for clients to recognise the small and subtle changes that can occur between appointments. We also believe that clients do not need long term therapy and generally feel much better after only 1 or 2 appointments. The time between appointments will be discussed with each person along with their goals for therapy.

We offer help on a range of mental health issues including