Sleep Difficulties

Sleep can be affected for a variety of reasons and sometimes it can be difficult to get back into a good sleep routine. Anxiety can develop if each night you find that you are lying in bed wide awake when everyone around you is sleeping. Anxiety will then prevent you from sleeping resulting in more anxiety etc. Sleep is important for good emotional health, while sleeping we are able to process through dreams, any unresolved issues which have occurred during the day, make sense of them and allow them to be stored in our memory banks.

This allows us to wake refreshed and able to begin each new day alert and able to concentrate. If there is excessive worrying or anxiety about unresolved issues we will dream more and therefore have less slow wave sleep which is the resting sleep and we can then wake tired despite feeling we have been asleep for 8 hours. Research into dreaming suggests that depression can develop through poor sleep patterns due to introspecting and worrying which then creates fatigue and more introspection as we feel unable to take part in our normal activities.