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Relationship Difficulties


All relationships whether they are with a close partner, spouse, son or daughter, sister and brother or friends can have difficult times. if the relationship has a solid foundation then usually people are able to communicate their feelings and find a solution, sometimes relationships are destructive and need to end and sometimes they leave a person confused and bewildered and unsure of what is going wrong. We are able to help you find solutions to your relationship difficulties by reducing the emotional arousal and therefore allowing the 'thinking' brain find the answers.

Harmonising Sexual Relationships - Holistic Therapeutic Approach

At futureminds Linda and Lorraine offer a unique counselling service for those who feel that their sexual relationship is in need of therapy.  Lorraine and Linda have 35 years experience between them, working with couples who have experienced relationship and sexual problems

Harmonising Sexual Relationships is a unique professional course of therapy designed to allow the couple to work at their own pace rather than more traditional styles of Sex-therapy. By combining their experience and styles of working, they are able to tailor the therapy to the individuality of the couple and the uniqueness of the problem.

Their aim is to assist the couple to harmonise their sexual relationship thus enhancing the couple’s sexual satisfaction.

Their different approach encompasses a broad range of therapeutic strategies. Linda and Lorraine will draw on their expertise in sexual understanding, relaxation techniques, guided imagery, reflexive conversation, solution focused therapy, to name but a few.

All sessions will be held in our comfortable rooms in Ashby de la Zouch and offer a very relaxed atmosphere.  All practical and intimate tasks are completed in the client’s own home and between themselves.

Harmonising Sexual Relationship Therapy is normally conducted by both counsellors, however if during the course of the work individual sessions were required this could be arranged.  During the initial session the couple will be able to discuss their difficulties and their hopes for their future sexual relationship.  When the problem is identified and understood a joint program of work would be agreed by everyone

Harmonising Sexual Relationship Therapy, unlike traditional psycho-sexual therapy, does not require the couple to have weekly visits to the therapist.  We believe that in a busy and often hectic lifestyle couples need a comfortable time period between therapy sessions to complete the tasks or goals set between therapists and couple in the previous session, therefore we offer monthly appointments making our prices very competitive.

Payment for the initial session of Harmonising Sexual Relationship Therapy and all further sessions would be paid in advance of appointments. All sessions are charged at £100, individual sessions £50. If a couple and the therapist find that Harmonising Sexual Relationship Therapy unsuitable for them, they would be advised early on in the process.

If you require further information about this psychosexual service please do not hesitate to contact us via our futureminds web sight or direct to linda@futureminds.co.uk or lorraine@futureminds.co.uk we look forward to helping you enhance your future sexual relationship.